Missing sunglasses turn up beneath a boot load of camping gear

In 2001 my partner and I fully loaded up my car for a 10-day Christmas camping retreat at Tauhara near Taupo in New Zealand. We lowered the back seat to make more room in the boot for all our gear – tents, sleeping bags, swim goggles, flippers, food etc. We set off from Papakura, a suburb in the south of Auckland, around the 21st December and drove to Rotorua where we spent the night with his sister’s family. The sun was glaring and so I wore sunglasses as I drove. The next day we headed for Taupo and the sun was already bright so at some stage I asked my partner to pass me my sunglasses. They weren’t in the glove box or the centre console or anywhere obvious. I decided I must have left them at his sister’s and I would have to pick them up on our return trip, although we had planned a different route home. Half way through our retreat some other campers and myself wanted to climb a mountain on the other side of the lake. I said we could use my car and I unloaded the rest of the gear from the boot. I raised the back seat and there were my sunglasses safely nestled on the seat cushion. We had taken a considerable amount of gear with us, so there was no way anyone could have lifted the back of the seat and tucked my glasses underneath. All I could think was that my angels were looking after me. Mary
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