Missing petrol cap and shopping coming to exactly £4.00

A few years ago I was shopping at Sainsburys in Bedford and purchased about 5 items including loose bananas ie they had to be weighed, not pre-priced. The bill came to £4.00. Strange? To me it was strange, as I had never before had to pay a round figure for an assortmant of items. I know this must happen but with many items being priced at a figure ending in 99 pence, it did seem odd. I left the store and drove into the Sainsburys petrol station to fill up. When I opened the filler flap I found that my petrol cap was missing. That had never happened before. I am not forgetful and access to the petrol cap was protected by a flap that could only be unlocked from inside the car. I put petrol in the car and went to pay. There on the counter was a box of filler caps for sale - one size fits all. I was about to buy one when the man behind the counter said that he had seen a petrol on the fore court earlier. I paid for the fuel and returned to my car. To my surprise I found a petrol cap sitting on the ledge by the petrol hoses. It was a different make but fitted so I took it. To me the eerie feeling I had was because of the combination of factors:- 1) I had never forgotten to put the cap back in place after filling up before; 2) I had never seen, nor seen seen since, an odd petrol cap left on a petrol pump; and, 3) I had never seen, nor seen since, petrol filler caps being actively promoted on the counter or at the point of payment. When I tell friends they laugh. I stiil find it spooky!!!!! And there was the exact £4.00 bill in the store. Couldn't have done it myself if I had tried!
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Date submitted:Fri, 13 Jan 2012 10:38:54 +0000Coincidence ID:3320