Miss N J Dalton

The numerical/symbolic coincidences are based on a string of events currently being examined by a parapsychologist - all evidence is backed up in email, facebook printouts, birth records, photos, legal documents. It has been turned into a book (true story) which has already had one contract offer which I am delaying until a top literary agent - Luigi Bonomi (they requested a full manuscript last week) have made a decision because I would rather have the support of an agent behind me. A journalist who writes for the national newspaper and magazines is also interested in the story. It is too complex to explain in a few words (hence why its a book) but the numbers and symbols show uncanny coincidences throughout, and then later formed the exact location, date, time (to the second) and actual damage to the cathedral in Christchurch, NewZealand caused by an earthquake in February 2011. The story covers every single experience listed by yourself above and more! Plus Zeta Riemann plays an important role here along with something said by Marcus Du Sautoy in an article a few years ago - and for the record my maths didn't go beyond GCSE! I would love to speak with you and I am sure if coicidence is your thing then this story will fascinate you. An American statistician had a brief look, but wanted to charge me about a grand to put probability figures behind it - he said it was pretty much improbable, but would have to put in an upper limit figure so people could actually grasp the unlikelihood of the events. I can you send you a copy of the manuscript if you would like to go through the material. Kind regards Nicola Dalton
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