Mexico Argentina connections

In 1999, my business partner and I opened an office in Mexico City. Almost immediately I was hired to work on a full time consulting job to overhaul a company in the northern city of Saltillo, near the Texas border. I left my partner in charge of the Mexico City office, and one of the first things he did was hire an assistant. She was very competent but (and this is germaine to the story) had no prior experience or contacts in our industry. Meanwhile in Saltillo, I was having trouble filling positions. Fortuitously and out of the blue, a very qualified candidate from Buenos Aires cold-called the company looking for work. At the time, Argentina was going through a severe economic crisis, and those lucky enough to find work were earning less than half what they could make in Mexicos. I offered him a job, and asked if he could recommend anyone else in Argentina. He gave me three or four names, including that of a young man from the city of Cordoba. I contacted this prospect, and ended up offering him a job too. Later, I learned what transpired... The young man from Cordoba had for some time (long before our company was set up) been in a "chat relationship" with a girl in Mexico City, in one of those online chat rooms that were popular at the turn of the century, before Internet really took off, and before google, Facebook and dating services existed. He broke the news to her via chat that he was moving to Mexico! He had been offered a job, not in Mexico City but in the north of the country. Where? ... a place called Saltillo. Which company? .... (he wrote the the name of the company). How did you get the job? ... An old colleague from Buenos Aires recommended me and they called me. Some Canadian guy. The girl typed in my name followed by a series of question marks ..... Yes. Do you know him? To which she replied: I'm his assistant in his Mexico City office.
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