meeting in a wood

some background: we live in a comparatively small country (2 million; furthest trip under 500 km), my family and my brother with have apartments in the same house in the capital (under million). we are no under frequent communication and the like, and neither had we communicated before this event. we, with a child a bit over one year, decided to go to the seaside. like 150 km away from home. spent some days in a hotel and on the seaside. then on Saturday we decided just to drive around and see (or rather show the child) what else interesting is there. one site, another. then we headed to a place we had never visited (we had been thereabouts and passing by quite often, including with my brother and his partner). it was a nasty road into the forest, where there were some interesting stone formations. when we reached it, there was one car. my brother's. the walking path there was like 15-25 minutes in a circle shape, start at which end you want. needless to say, we met my brother half way, them coming from the opposite direction.
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