Meeting on a train journey

Paddington Station the evening commute - the train to Penzance was delayed by 2 hours due to a fatality. Suddenly, we had the go ahead to get on a train the line was now open. There were hundreds of people on the concourse and it was a race to get a seat on the train. I travel second class but when there is a delay and hundreds of people boarding the train with no prospect of a seat I just plonk myself down in first class, as I did this evening. In the four seats facing each other there was me (a woman) and three men. Of course, there was a half hour delay before the train began its journey so we four got talking. One was a barrister, one an IT executive and the man sitting next to me said he was Sir ***'s right hand man. Sir *** started and owns a very large worldwide company. "Fancy that", I said. "Well the next time you see Sir *** can you tell him that you sat next to his ex-secretary on a delayed train from Paddington? I was secretary to Sir *** when he and his brother had a smallish accounting firm in Sydney, Australia". The gentleman was amazed and thus we had a very interesting conversation about his work and my work. I have had many coincidences in my life and it is rather alarming. But it could be that I am just a chatterbox.
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