Meeting a stranger twice in 3 days in 2 different countries

My wife and I went on a weekend break to Epernay in France before Christmas. While there, we visit the Moet et Chandon champagne cellars. You are taken round the vast cellars by mini railway with a guide. In front of us were an American couple. When the tour was finished we ended up in the shop which sells evrything relating to Moet. The American man was standing next to me talking to his friend and saying that he didn't understand the freezing process to get the sediment out ot each bottle. I interjected an explained it. We exchanged pleasantries and he said that he was a lawyer from Pennsylvania doing a pre- Xmas trip to Europe. We went our seperate ways...... On the Monday I had a meeting with Lockheed Martin in South Kensington with a colleague and we had travelled by tube from our office in Wembley. After the meeting we made our way back to the tube station. As we were walking up to a crossroads, the same man I had met in Epernay on the Saturday walked straight across me and I shouted out to him. He looked at me with utter astonishment , as I did him. We could not believe the chances of meeting as complete strangers in two different countries, within days, particulalry walking passed each other at the exact time in the busiest capital in the world. We shook hands and that was it !! Beat That !!! John Bullock - Maidenehead, Berkshire
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