Meeting someone I injured playing Football Years Later

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When I was a senior in high school (United States) I played football for my school. One game we were playing our rival school, and I accidentally broke the foot of one of the other players. I felt bad about it at the time then forgot about it as time went on. This event occurred in 2008. I then went to college and graduated in 2015 (separate story about being in college for six years) and proceeded to move across the country with five other guys I graduated with. We had a very large friend group between the five of us, and one night we were having a party. This group of guys showed up who were friends of a friend I graduated college with (mind you, none of the people I went to college with were even from the same state as me). We are all sitting around drinking beers in the backyard reminiscing about high school sports (again, none of us had ever played together in high school… or so I thought). Then one of the guys starts talking about how he had broken his foot in a rival football game his senior year. This perks my ears up a bit, and I start to ask the obvious questions. Well, it turns out this random guy at my party at my house 7 years laters was the guy whose foot I broke all those years past. I’m happy to expand more on the story. Email is below.
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