Meeting people in far flung places - it really is a small world!

In 1974 I was visiting some friends in Denmark. I was talking to them about my boyfriend back in Scotland. They said they knew someone with his surname - Peden, an unusual name even in Scotland. They started talking about Steffi and Heidi Peden. My boyfriend had an uncle Alex and an aunt Heidi. It turned out they were the same people. Heidi was German in origin and so was the mother of the guy I was visiting in Denmark. It turned out that his mother and Heidi's mother had been best of friends and actually he had known Heidi's mother as 'Tante Mems. In 1981 I went to work in Lesotho in southern Africa. I was sitting in the airport at Johannesburg airport next to a Scottish guy. He asked me where I came from and I told him. He came from the same place and although he was younger than me and I didn't really know him he knew my younger sister. A couple of years ago I went on holiday to Turkey. Among the group were 2 ladies from Scotland. We got talking and they found out I was a psychiatrist and had trained in Glasgow. I was telling them about where I'd worked and about some of the characters I'd worked with. I was talking about one of the hospitals I'd worked and mentioned a few of the doctors and one of my favourite nurses and one of the women said "that was my late husband".
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