Meeting in far off place

Back in 1970 as a 20 year-old I did the Hippy Trail, setting out from London where I lived, across Europe, Middle East to Nepal with two friends in a VW van. As we drove from Kathmandu in Nepal down the mountains back to the Indian border and were stopped by the roadside, a local bus suddenly stopped 50 yards past us and a figure jumped off and ran towards us. It was my good friend Antony Farrell from Ireland. Neither of us had any idea the other would be there, or were planning to visit India/Nepal at the same time. That he should have recognised me from the back of a bus as I sat by the roadside and then persuaded the bus driver to stop was pretty remarkable, but that we should both find ourselves there at that momentum was surely a once in a life time event. We have remained the best of friends ever since . CM
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