Meeting in the Disney World parking lot

I sold a very used Chevy Van to a stranger in Roswell, GA, USA. I explained to the buyer that they tires were bald and the rear end made noise. I suggested that he repair both because they were unsafe. He assured me that he could do both and drove off. I immediately found my wife in our home and waved the $800 in front of he face, saying "We're going to Disney World!! Grab clothes and stuff" for our two boys. Within an hour we were on the road in her new Honda for the 475 mile trip. We stopped for the night in Valdosta, GA. We arrived in Orlando the next day and found a Day's Inn being renovated and at a great rate. The next morning we had breakfast an headed to Disney World. There were many thousands of cars in the many parking lots. We were directed by Disney workers to the next open parking space. Getting out of our Honda and about to walk toward the shuttles I noticed a Chevy Van like the one I sold. It was the one I sold...with a bumper sticker about large tornadoes in texas to given me by my sister who lived in Texas and the same bald tires. I left a note on the windshield that I was not going to give them a ride home if they broke down.
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