Meeting a Celebrity

A few years ago, my wife and I attended a play at the Mill at Sonning, where we go only every few years. Geoffrey Palmer appeared in the play. The very next morning I had to go to London by train, again something I rarely do. Ascending the escalator at Waterloo, I passed Geoffrey Palmer coming down the other side.
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On 23 April 2011 I was watering my garden with a watering can, because my hose fitting had broken. I had emptied the can a dozen times when I came to the empty bird bath, which clearly needed more than a watering rose to fill. At that very moment the rose of the watering can popped off, leaving me with aatisfactory jet

For some years I had been using 2 mugs. The first was a black one, with gold Chinese designs, bought in Hong Kong 38 years ago; it had been chipped and relegated to a show shelf. The second, a muted orange with camel decoirations had been purchased in Aden just over 50 year ago. It was on the day before Father's Day that we noticed a chip on this mug, so relegated that one too. Then on Father's Day itself my son Trevor presented me with a Father's Day present of a mug with a picture of himself as a little boy on it, so clearly in preparation some time before my need became apparent.