Meeting at the Cape

I worked for the South Wales Electricity Board (SWEB)for 20 years. During that time I worked in the Neath District from 1962 to 1964. One of the gentlemen I worked with was a Mr Ron Jay. After leaving SWEB in 1974 I worked in the South Africa gold mines for 3 years. In 1977 I made plans to return, with my family, to the UK via Cape Town on the last voyage of the Windsor Castle mail ship. On the second morning at our hotel we came down to breakfast and whilst we were eating my wife noticed that a gentleman, also with his family, was taking a great deal of interest in me. It was, of course, Ron Jay. I don't know if Ron is still with us as I have tried to locate him, via the internet, with no success. So what are the chances of us being in the same spot on the globe, at the same time, in the same hotel (out of hundreds)?
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