Matching Vivid Memories

This morning i woke up with a vivid memory of this atheletic choker like necklace. A little background about the necklace In 2010 while i was in 5th grade they were a fad lots of my peers wore them, they were suppose to give you energy or something weird like that but really it just caught on because everyone was wearing them especially atheletes. I always wanted one never got one though. anyway this morning (2019) I woke up and started havinf a vivid memory about all of this even picturing a the dark blue choker like cord with writing on it and circles on the ends. I hadnt thought about these stupid necklaces pratically since the fad ended and people stopped talking about them which was rather quick so it was a quite random memory. Then later today at 12 pm i went on instagram and there was a post from my friend who i didnt go to school with and never had those necklaces nor have we ever talked about them. The post said “I just had a random vivid memory of people in middle school wearing this loose choker necklace (she is older than me so she was in middle school when they were popular) and she included a picture of the exact necklace pictured in my head when there are multiple colors and styles she posted a picture from google of the exact one that I had pictured. How insane is it that we both had the same vivid memory of these necklaces that are so insignificant and random both within hours of each other when i had not posted or talked about the memory at all until she posted about hers i was in such shock. I know its cliche but seriously what are the odds!?! btw these necklaces are called phituns i think i had to look it up i definitly didnt remember then name off the top of my head. I find this coincidence so very odds. the fact it was so long ago these things were relevant and i havent even thought about them since and neither of us owned one and we didnt communicate with each other about them before hand only after i saw her post about her vivid memory which is exactly what it was and within hours of each other we also arent super close friends just regular friends. plus she chose the photo of the exact color and style of the necklace i was picturing/remembering. I mean its nothing spectacular just very weird of a coincidence although not very exciting of a coincience but i feel its a very rare one.
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