maria m

I have just been on holiday with my husband and 5 other people who did not know each other. 1 couple and 3 singles. The birthdays of the group were 21st Dec my husband, mine 2nd jan, single person 4th jan, single person 5th Jan, single person 5th Jan and one of the other couple 15th Jan. I often find these grouping in teams at work and with neighbours. My ex neighours have virtually the same birthdays as my husband and myself. male and female matches. Also an ex neighbour in the same road has an identical birth date. Interestingly her husband had worked at the same places as me before I met her and the door codes at the building were easy to remember as they were my birthday and his wife's dates as they are the same. I have moved a lot and am always making connections. I am a joke at work as I always manage to find a concidence. I f a lebanese background and relatives all over the world and meet relatives and their friends in unusual places.
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