Love Beyond Borders

I had a spiritual awakening since years ago and it led me to a man I held particular bond with that was unique. Some years later a met a man who was identical in bond but eventually drove me to my current partner. I started seeing sjgns and strange things happened everytime i went away. The last attempt i made i totaled my car after hitting a tree. I gave up trying to leave. He did also because he experienced similar things. The night after i hit a tree my cousins husband(close friend) hit a tree and was killed. My cousin came to stay and ended up sitting on our bed while he was asleep(we were leaving). My boyfriend was shocked to find the identical inage of the woman he had lost in 2014 and both had similar stories. They were the deviant, the antagonizer of drug use that ultimately led to their partners untimely death. I began to see similarities between my boyfriend and my first love, STRONG similarities. My first love was my deviant, my antagonizer.. i was close to death before we split. When my first love and i split was the same thing my boyfriend met his fiance. One love died another began. She passed in 2014, i began school in 2014 to open an equine assisted facility for troubled youth. My daughter is the spitting image of his exfiance. I am not sure what all this means but we are so linked and so connected. We fit. What is this? Help!
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Date submitted:Wed, 29 Aug 2018 15:22:02 +0000Coincidence ID:10091