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A couple days ago I was waiting for my shower to get hot, it suddenly just flew into my brain to go onto a the NY lottery website and see what the next jackpot was, I don’t play often and I almost never go on their website. While on there I read a story of a local man who won a 10 million dollar scratch off again (he had one in 2019). I realized I forgot something upstairs, as I went upstairs I walked by the tv and a news story started about the man who won two scratch offs, startled by this coincidence I took note of the time, it was 7:21am. Feeling lucky I played the lotto and used 7 and 21 for two of my six numbers (the others I just pulled from other meaningful numbers in my life). When the numbers for this drawing came out, I got two of the six numbers, they were, you guessed it, 7 and 21
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