Lost dog returned to owner

In the 1980’s we moved to a rural property south of Auckland, New Zealand and I always wanted a dog, so I advertised for a smaller, older dog in the New Zealand Herald newspaper. I didn't want a puppy or a large dog. A lady responded who lived in Manuaku City which was about 25kms away so I went to see the dog she was selling. The poor dog was in a sorry state and looked as if it had been “puppy-farmed” - it had obviously recently had puppies. I bought the wee thing and took it home. I kept it inside that first day so that it would get used to me but by dusk I thought it probably needed to relieve itself. I opened the back door and the dog darted out so fast I didn’t even see which direction it went. I looked and looked for it and eventually phoned the neighbouring farmer to ask him to let me know if he saw a stray Jack Russell. The farmer kept blabbering on the phone and when he calmed down he told me this was his dog – he so was overwhelmed to get her back. The dog knew exactly where it was and had gone home. Mary
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