Long voyage "home"

I had (since family holidays in 1956 to the 1970s) wanted to live in the Isle of Man. In 1982 I bought a small sailing boat (GP14) then 13 years old, in need of repair & modification. I later sold it to two teachers in Sale, Greater Manchester. In 1993 I moved to live and work in the Isle of Man, settling in the small fishing village of Port St Mary. On walking my dog round the village, passing the "small boat park" by the harbour I found the GP dinghy I had sold eleven years earlier. The repairs I had made and it's high riding trailer were unique and quite distinct. It had been donated to the local Sea Scouts by a teacher from the local Secondary School. It was unlikely that such an old and worn out boat would have survived, even more unlikely that it would have turned up in the Isle of Man, but amazing that, with 7 harbours to choose from, it should arrive in Port St Mary before me.
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