Living in Haslemere

When we first decided to move from Ewell to Haslemere 11 years ago, we were amazed to find that everyone we mentioned it to knew someone in Haslemere or in the nearby villages of Fernhurst or Liphook. A significant number of our friends had a close connection with the place - e.g. one friend moved down to Fernhurst during the War to have her baby away from London bombs. Another friend put his ailing mother into a Care Home only one road away from where we now live. Another friend lived in Fernhurst during her early married years as her husband was stationed in Fernhurst for national service. Another friend (in Bristol) has her mother living in Haslemere, which we hadn't known beforehand. The list goes on and on. And whenever we are on holiday, anywhere in the world, we are sure to get talking to somebody who has a connection with Haslemere! Even in the forests of New Zealand, when on a birding walk early one morning, we found that the guide had a sister in Liphook! Nowadays, whenever we get chatting to someone new, we are waiting for their exclamation when we mention where we live - "Not Haslemere? Why, that is where......." It's not a big town, but it seems that half the world has a relation living here!!
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