Libby G

Listen to this - I think it is quite an amazing co-incidence! Years ago I lived and worked in Namibia - or South West Africa as it was called then. Two of us spent a wonderful weekend camping in the Namib Desert. Namib means "vast" and it is all of that. Distances between places are huge and in those days I think the population in the whole huge country was something like one million people. Traffic on the main roads was minimal and in the desert virtually non-existent. It is a photographer's paradise - miles of gently sloping and shifting sand dunes, bizarre vegetation and generally spectacular scenery. Anyway, on the way out of the desert but still miles from civilisation - we came to a grid on a blind rise and smashed into another vehicle coming the other way. It really seemed unreal that in that vast space and in that split second in time our paths should meet! Fortunately both vehicles seemed to have sustained equal but minor damage. So we took out our cool boxes and shared a beer with the folks from the other car before we went on our way.
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