Les deux Pierre

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Pierre Nolen, Free French pilot, and Pierre Aymard, Free French navigator, flew bomber missions together during the war. Returning from one in a damaged condition their bomber crashed and burst into flame. Pierre Aymard pulled his unconscious pilot from the wreck and got him to hospital. Pierre Nolen spent weeks in hospital with crushed vertebrae and when allowed out in a steel corset was not allowed to fly. So he transferred to the Canadians as an interpreter, went in with them on the D-day landings and fought his way to Berlin. Some years later, my mother who had married Pierre Nolen after the war, was contacted by a distant relative by marriage, a divorcee who was living in Inverness. She announced that she was getting married again to a frenchman whom she had met in Inverness. His name was Pierre Aymard. They did get married and visited us in France, some 20 odd years after the end of the war. Imagine the surprise of Les Deux Pierre.
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