Late for Work Excuse

I regularly used to be late for work, my supervisor became increasingly annoyed and gave me a good telling off. The next day I overslept so I made up a story about my cat bringing a blackbird into the kitchen and having to wait for my neighbour who liked animals to return from dropping someone at the station so that I could ask her to come in and remove the bird. Since everyone in the office knew I couldn't bear birds the story was accepted and nothing more was said. The next morning, the entire situation happened exactly as I had lied about it the day before. The bird was even a blackbird! Needless to say I couldn't go into work and say it had happened twice so I got into trouble again. I was so spooked by the coincidental occurrence I have never made up any story again.
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Date submitted:Sat, 14 Jan 2012 08:49:34 +0000Coincidence ID:3562