Last Pay Check

After the thanksgiving weekend of 2016, my entire team at company A was informed that one of two products we were working on would be shelved. I saw this as a bad sign and an inevitable RIF. I decided to change my job. I started working for Company B in Feb 2017. My former coworkers however continued with the previous employer because one out of the two products was still in production. My stinct at company B was going great,albeit the environment was toxic. On 1st of Sept 2017, my former coworkers contacted me telling me that they were laid off and Oct 31st was their final pay check from company A. I, however, went on to climb mt.kilimanjaro in sept of 2017 while vacationing from company B. Upon my return, I noticed a sudden change in the atmosphere. Company B was no longer doing well and I was harassed into quitting on oct 3rd with my last paycheck beig oct 31st(same day as it would have been had I continued at company A). Despite me trying to avoid being laid off, I lost my job on oct 31st.. Feels like this was a part of the simulation I couldn’t avoid.
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