Just weird coincidences and freaked out by too many!!!

I met this girl through work we became friends (I’m married but we connected)<br /> 1 I saw her surname on the back of a temporary roadworks sign.<br /> 2 her parents wedding anniversary is the same date as mine.<br /> 3 her Facebook name code has the year I was born in it. Ie v****h***71<br /> 4 I got in the car one Saturday morning to go to work, I don’t normally work Saturdays, I turned the radio on and she was on the radio on a phone in call.<br /> 5 we both got a puncture on our vans on the same day.<br /> 6 we have posted status updates at the same time on Facebook.<br /> 7 I saw a poster with the same name as hers with the eyes highlighted in blue of the photo of queen Victoria ( her name is Vicky) ( she has deep piercing blue eyes)
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