Junk Shop Find

In the early 1980's, living in Zurich, i was browsing in a junk shop for picture frames. I found one hidden behind some furniture and pulled it out. It was marked 10SFr. (ten Swiss Francs) and i took it to the counter. the lady refused to sell it to me for 10 Francs, saying that at it had obviiously been there a long time, was now worth more... We argued for quite a while, as she was adament I would not get it 'cheap'. I began to like it even more and got my way in the end. I took it apart for cleaning when I got home and found part of an English newspaper from the 1950's. More surprising was the photographs of my mother, brother and myself, shown in relation to an article about a dispute my mother had with a neighbour. I still have a copy of the article, but not details of the newspaper.
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