Jo Mango and Ludwig

Cycling holiday with my son from Barra in the South to Stornoway in the North of the Outer Hebrides. On the third evening in a bar in Leverburgh, South Harris, I told him about a song entitled "Ludwig" by Jo Mango. At her concert in Edinburgh she had said "this isn't about Beethoven, he gets enough praise. It's about my favourite philosopher, Wittgenstein". I thought this was quirky and funny - and the music was haunting. The next day cycling along the dramatic, sparsely populated coastal road on the East of Harris we saw a sign to the Skoon Art Cafe. There were few opportunities to have a break with some cake and we took the side road to the cafe which was delightful. We ordered and were chatting when I realised that at the next table with friends or family was Jo Mango - someone I had never heard of before the concert two weeks previously. My son had to restrain me from interrupting her holiday.
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