"Jennas," "Jennifers," Etc.

I. Jenna Dewan 1. Shortly (I believe around five minutes or less) before the television show The Late Late Show with James Corden aired on July 30th or July 31st of 2018, I oddly (admittedly without any need to go into further detail) and inexplicably (arguably in my opinion without going into further detail) “hugged” my television set by putting my arms around it. Similarly, near the beginning of that show during a guest introduction, the celebrity Jenna Dewan seemed to put her arms out in a gesture as if she were hugging someone. 2. A taped segment on that show contained a conversation between Ms. Dewan and the psychic medium Thomas John in an automobile. Similar to one set of Ms. Dewan’s grandparents, my late maternal grandfather was a veteran in the United States military. With respect to the discussion of cardinals in the taped segment, though my late maternal grandmother and I rarely discussed sports with each other and though another family member of mine recently told me that my late maternal grandmother was a New York Yankees baseball fan, I do recall my late maternal grandmother once telling me that she was rooting for the St. Louis Cardinals (perhaps in a year when the Cardinals were successful in the regular season and postseason playoffs in Major League Baseball). With respect to the mention of relationships in the taped segment, I have been reexamining various personal relationships of mine in the last couple years. With respect to the mention of soulmates in the taped segment, my late maternal grandfather passed away within two months of the death of my late maternal grandmother in early 2008 arguably and possibly in part due to a “broken heart.” 3. Another guest on that show was the actress and singer Mandy Moore. As with the actor Haley Joel Osment, Ms. Moore and I share the same birthday (April 10th). Apparently, Ms. Moore and Ms. Dewan have been friends since 1999 when Ms. Moore sang and Ms. Dewan danced in a music video together that year. Also in 1999, Mr. Osment starred as the main child actor in The Sixth Sense, a movie about “the paranormal.” 4. [Jane Doe] Gable, the granddaughter of one of my late maternal grandmother’s late sisters, is a television writer in Hollywood, California. II. Jenna Bush Hager 1. a. My date for the prom in my junior year of high school had the last name “Hager.” This date was a friend of the late Jennifer Garner, a girl who had earlier tragically died in a car accident in her teens. My understanding and recollection are my date to the prom and her late friend were both passengers together in that car accident. On www.understandinguncertainty.org, I have previously shared coincidences connecting the name “Jennifer Garner” to coincidences or other aspects in my life related to the year 1999, the fictional character “Batman,” and the actress Jennifer Love Hewitt and others with “Love” in their name. In this regard, Jennifer Garner is also the name of an American actress. b. The television news celebrity Jenna Bush Hager has claimed to have had “paranormal” experiences with ghosts in her past. I once worked in the federal executive branch in the United States at a time when Jenna Bush Hager’s father was President of the United States (that is, now former President George W. Bush). Similar to Jenna Bush Hager, the actress Jennifer Aniston has claimed to have had “paranormal” experiences with a ghost in her past. 2. Again, [Jane Doe] Gable, the granddaughter of one of my late maternal grandmother’s late sisters, is a television writer in Hollywood, California. III. Jenna Elfman- Given the coincidences above, my name “Greg,” my legal background, and certain other aspects of my life, I note that the actress Jenna Elfman played the character “Dharma Freedom Montgomery, nee Finkelstein,” on the television series “Dharma & Greg” that aired from 1997 to 2002. Greg
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