Italian driving license

This is a small coincidence, but it impressed me. I was working as a PA and my boss was Italian. He lost his wallet containing his Italian driving license, and rather than replace it he decided to swap it for a UK license, as he was now resident in the UK. I was worried about how to do this as it's not a normal situation, so I rang the DVLA call centre for advice (with low expectations). My call was answered by a friendly Welsh woman who heard me out and exclaimed "My husband is Italian and the exact same thing happened to him!" She then gave me a detailed account of the rather complex steps required in order to get legal proof of entitlement to drive from the local Italian jurisdiction where my boss had passed his test, and the many subsequent steps required to have the license swapped for a UK one. Several weeks and documents later my boss's new UK license arrived. I cannot believe that had another person answered my call they would have known the detailed steps required to achieve this. It saved a great deal time and hassle for me!
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