iPod synchronicity

I thought I'd try some candle meditation. It made me feel quite relaxed so I thought I'd try it with music after reading an article suggesting it. I always have my iPod set to random and it contains about 3000 tracks. The Finn Brothers song "Where Is my Soul" came up as the 2nd song during this meditation. The first verse is as follows. "wick in the candle what lies beneath look in the shadows and the spaces in between a vision ghosted appearing on my screen". This was so profound that I literally broke down into tears of joy and I'm was a 46 year old male who very rarely cries. I felt somewhat disconnected from my reality as I knew it. Quite hard to explain. Now I realise that the chances of the song coming up are 1/3000. But the chances of it coming up when I'm meditating to a candle? This was only the 2nd time in my life that I had tried candle meditation. Since then I have noticed a lot more of these so-called coincidences when listening to my iPod. It appears to have 'knowledge' as to what I'm thinking or what is happening in the world around me at the time. I have also noticed other strange coincidences too. A good friend of mine both broke our ring fingers within one week of each other in completely different sets of circumstances. Most bizarre.
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Date submitted:Mon, 20 Feb 2012 23:03:00 +0000Coincidence ID:6019