I hate my life

Seems like my life is being run by a fairy tale. I read a book i become the book in real life i watch a television series i become the series i watch a movie i become the movie and if i don't watch the next episode or pause the movie/video etc. My life will predict it's future without me knowing anything about the future part of whatever entertaining media i have been watching. I say something especially with the help of god and it happend, frequently, just right after i say it. My mind is like a child skipping down the street all gleeful and calm. Usually when i start to daydream i am thinking of something completely different than what everyone is talking about and my thoughts intersect with their words. Me finding this page is either a coincidence, prediction, or pure madness It feels like my life run's on these things including reacurring events and mind reading, and whatever other psychic stuff there is out there. I hate these things so much. Q.Q
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Date submitted:Mon, 19 Jun 2017 21:32:12 +0000Coincidence ID:9258