I hate coincidences.

Yesterday evening, I was thinking deeply about a past relationship. I decided I would drive by my former 'somewhat significant others' apartment. They live nearby, so it wasn't inconvenient, but I do typically avoid the area. As i'm nervously praying, stomach in knots, I see him. Walking his dog. I drive by. Checking in my rear-view mirrors to see if I can catch a last glance. Things ended on bad terms, so I was not inclined to stop for a chat. I get home and do some crying...more thinking...I decide to add him on snapchat, just out of curiosity. I'm blocked. Unable to add him. Didn't figure I would have much luck with that, as I said, things ended horribly. Come the next afternoon, still ruminating....I decide to check out his Instagram. He has changed his bio (since yesterday) to include his snapchat username. I know that I am blocked, and I know that he would not have been able to be notified of my attempt to add on the social media platform. So, what are the odds? Odds are i'm feeling like coincidences are the devils work...... ugh
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