I guessed her name

In secondary school about a quarter of the way into year 10, I gained this new English teacher, who became one of my favourite teachers. In the secondary school that i went to we would address our teachers by their surnames and weren't really allowed to know their first names. As i began to get to know her, her personality reminded me of this great youth leader that I once had, called Lauren. Therefore, I was going to ask her whether she knew anyone called Lauren (because they might have been related) but didn't get around to doing so. A few months later she went onto her email, on the teachers computer. Teachers wouldn't purposely have their emails projected onto the classroom board, but i'm guessing that she didn't realize, that the computer screen was projected onto the board. Anyways, she only had her email showing for a minute and I just happened to look up to the board for a second, and when i did the first thing i looked at was her name. To my suprise her name is Lauren!
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