HURRICANE EYE DEE and the EMERGENT SYNCH HOLE- Some Coincidences Worthy of Immortalization- Entry #2: 10/9/2017

HURRICANE EYE DEE and the EMERGENT SYNCH HOLE- Some Coincidences Worthy of Immortalization- Entry #2: 10/9/2017 By: Michael Wolfson and Eva Gustley Greetings modest, but hopefully growing, readership. I wish now to introduce you to Eva aka Dee now IDed as coauthor for Entry #2. Since she missed Entry #1, and I do suggest you begin there, I thought she might contribute a comment (risky given her perkiness). Here then is rapper, flapper and inspiring whippersnapper Eva Gustley: Eva: Woo Woo, I just got back from the Columbus RR concert and wow, nice one. Entry #1 too. A lot of weirdness out here. Sync city, that’s for sure. Maybe when I go back and study some more psych, they will work it out of me. In the meantime, I must say wow, but you missed some in Entry #1. Glad you saved a few for Entry 2. Where are the days of auld lang zinc and assorted in jokes? Everything goes better with cheddar, right Tina? As arfus (aka arfus- say how do you get informed consent to publish the name of a dog, Mr. lawyer? Don’t tell me he doesn’t have a mind of his own! No rights!? Arfus… attendee vous) would say woof woof. Everything in your first one but myself and the kitchen sync. Good show, but now I want in too. This is one window of opp that I will proof through the proverbial roof. Pop till I drop. But wait. Fair warning. If you wanna look over my synchroncity shoulder, I am a will o the whisper away from free form. Nothing connects anyway, rightaway. So march on co-author, maybe I can humbly assist with my wrist. A few zingers with my fingers. Mother mother, blood blood, you’ve unleashed a psychonicity flood. Fullscreen of a toilet, then a woman’s mouth, then an eyeball slightly dead? I know some say you don’t like women, Hitchcock, but come on! I will have arfus bite you! What’s that Mr. Lawyer? One bite rule? Woof woof woof-rapid fire like never before. Psycho. Synchro gusher out the shower head. Down the drain. Rat a tat in the Bird attack. (Crop duster rapid gunfire in North by Northwest. How did you miss that one in Entry #1, Mr. Hitchcock fan?) I suppose you could have tried to make me up and self-corrected your “drafts”, but then…. You made me a Dee, I would have done it differently. A sprinkler? I don’t turn off at the spicket. Gusher or well spring more likely. A sync hole, come on, raise the bar. Dig dig ricercar. Whoa, whoa, arfus has to go(a). Attention span of a gnat? You rat. I’ll inspire, while you retire. I’ll rhyme while you imbri- see I can “near miss” with the best. Want more? Entry #1’s a bore. You need fresh blood to handle this flood. Hurricane, you hurried brain. ID theft? A lofty load down the road. Tattooed lady? That’s me, see. I only have time for a rap, Flip, flop, fly and flap. You have more time on your hands, You find the shooter way up in the stands. No depth in a rap?, You need a good map, and more than a bootstrap. You need some tint, as well as a blueprint. Rap rap, whoof whoof, I will shoot your ideas through the roof. Woo Woo, pop pop, my synchronicities will never stop. Shatter the norms! Let the events rumble! Causation quakes. Magic, meta-materialization makeover. We will move mountains. Continental drift into conversations adrift. Palette techtonics. Michael: OK Eva, that’s enough! They now know you’re here. Of course, we will stay on topic like a laser. Glad she has joined me on this particular endeavor. As Ray Charles demonstrates admirably in the “Ray” film, one needs a co-author as much for inspiration as for performance. Ray was able to take over the voice of one of the Rayettes on one track without a flat spot, but her inspiration was still haunting him. Ray and Rayettes and for Hitchcock, Perkins and mom, Elster’s wife, Judy and Carlotta, and Thornhill and Kaplan. A clean sweep of slippery identities and haunts. As Eva might say, not a potpourri in one fell swoop but a “pop”pouri in one swell flop. Gumbo for the bayou at close. Let’s look at where we are. The big bang bangs and a first synchronicity occurs, not as a first cause mind you because all is momentarily connected. Now down the event stream we go and if you buy the quantum entanglement ideas encapsulated in John Bell’s theorm (which you should after the Aspect confirmation experiments in the 1980s), all subsequent events are instantly connected without Einstein isolationism (speed of light delimiter). Cancellations abound with no emergent effects into the macro? Nonsense. Entanglement for all to see. The quant jocks may be shocked to learn that the quantum poets know it. The universe reconstitutes itself digitally by Plank’s time, so a whole lotta blinking’s going on. Right, Jerry Lee? Ten to the thirty-fifth power? Nonillion plus? Egadzillion? Godzillion? Cube root of a googleplex? Let’s settle for a Godzillion blinks per second the universe is reconstituting itself forward from the pre primordial soup. Wow. Of course you could argue that it literally recreates that often, creationists would indeed love that one. And what we are supposed to have is cancellation and randomness because someone in the insurance industry (and not too few statisticians happy to accept Bayes theory and assume that independent events actually exist) decides to tout a “Law of Large Numbers” idea and convince those with “common” sense that they are deluding themselves and so causation and randomness must conquer all and we can market same with terms such as “normal” distribution. A bit quirky to be quiescent about, wouldn’t you say? But science and engineering works, has worked and will continue to do so, at least if we assume physical “laws” are immutable. Bertrand Russell has implied that induction and the scientific method have a skeleton or two in the closet. So did David Hume. Foundations don’t matter? Wake up. Maybe the universal Grand Deceiver is playing some tricks (Hermes, you still around?) for now, we shall see. In the meantime… Synchronicity. And now as Co-authors: Before we reprint the initial email communication between the co-authors, it is instructive to note a few odd coincidences surrounding Eva’s birthday a few weeks ago. First, we were in discussion about the song “Lydia the Tattooed Lady” about 20 minutes before we heard that very song being played by a string band that included Tina Bergman at the Art in the Park festival in the co-authors then hometown. Mike hurriedly approached Eva and gushed out “Can you hear what they are playing?” She was at first oblivious. The Florida hurricane has not yet landed and the Equifax ID theft was soon to arrive. Mike had just given Eva, as a toke (obviously reefers only to the Christian sense of passing along a small piece of bread) birthday gift, a Bernard Herrmann lp (spc21151) whose notes discussed generational differences between Wells and Trauffaut, the balloon scene from Mysterious Island, and “a stormy and turbulent ocean” along with myriad other references to storms and identity theft. A Charlie Chaplin as Hitler “balloon” discussion as well as a Jackie Coogan breather had already taken place. Arfus also inspired a coincidence per his real name, although we could not obtain consent, so that one is withheld. Tracks on the lp also included recordings from Jason and the Argonauts, 7th Voyage of Sinbad, Vertigo, Psycho and North by Northwest. Here then is the email in its entirety: “hi Eva, just a few brief nuggets from my synchronicity notes before they are filed away: 1 .The alternate Harold Arlen lyrics to “Lydia, the Tattooed Lady” are "when she stands the world gets litler, when she sits she sits on Hitler". Tom actually brought up the hitler/balloon/chaplin discussion, although it was arfus that inspired the groucho marx/lydia chatter slightly up the event chain. I should note that my Arlen cd also includes songs such as "stormy weather" which probably demonstrates that it may be unwise for a former philosophy/math undergrad looking for meaning in life through recurrent event patterns to make gifts containing a surfeit of archetypes. I might call this Eva’s Skepticism Perimeter (esp) since you, as with Carl Jung, seem to be happy to stop there. I am not quite so sure. Perhaps I stand more with people like Arthur Koestler who would see precognition and even psychokinesis in some event pairings. (If others are running this multiverse simulation fine, but I did not will the hurricane, damn it!). 2.The Bernard Hermann lp contains at least five soundtracks for films that deal with storms and three with themes of stolen or assumed identity as well as chance encounters subsequently recognized (Psycho, Vertigo, North by Northwest- all Hitchcock). The major news events surrounding your bday number 23 include not only a hurricane with a NNW trajectory but a flood of identity theft due to the Equifax hack of 143 million identities. (too bad I cannot seem to fit in the Cleveland Indians approaching a 23rd record setting victory (they lost #23)). 3.Multiple near miss anagrams abound including the names Bernard Hermann, Tina Bergman (who was the “hammer” dulcimer musician playing Lydia the Tattooed Lady) and Bernie Beitman Professor at University of Virginia who has published on synchronicity and apparently has a website for contributing coincidence experiences. Maybe we should contribute? Check out Improbability Principle- David Hand on near misses and Atlantic- Coincidences and the Meaning of Life.” “Anyway, the list is much more extensive. I am finished unless your youthful exuberance somehow wishes to drive on. I would like to note that a shared synchronicity is a purely platonic event by definition, free of the strings of causal linkages, something only fellow travelers or co-wanderers could celebrate. Platonic as Plato meant it. I would respectively submit that in view of our generational and gender differences, our relationship is purely platonic as well, which makes it even more special and eternal than a strictly platonic one. Not only are we free of the strings that come from family, economic or romantic ties, but we are also free of the cultural histories that tie generations and hopefully we may even aspire to overcome some of the biases that burden those more closely connected. (eg bias against hyperanalytic thought, against emotionalism, against platonic relationship themselves, the bias that post mtv/social media generation may have regarding attention span and delayed gratification, Victorian biases etc. Perhaps, I need to revisit both co-idealist Immanuel Kant who critiques Pure and Practical Reason and Hitchcock/Traufaut interviews on Pure Cinema as well. We cannot let the email saga of Petraeus betray us.) Novak in Vertigo lets Stewart know that it is not very flattering to just want to wander about, but their effort at strict Plato ultimately fails due her criminal past, a deal breaker to a former cop. Maybe casual friends are most likely to contribute to the “cabinet of chaotic curios” as the reference above would call it. Regards, Mike” Since the email, we have discovered that, according to Wikipedia, in the alternative lyrics for Lydia the Tattooed Lady, Lydia’s butt has tattoos of a globe (or map of the world) as well as an image of Hitler. So, the Chaplin, globe, Hitler, Groucho (ask arfus) synchronicity line is complete and full circle. A truly bizarre flood consisting of a meaningfully coupled yet causally disjointed set of events transcending the usual flow of connections. Synchronicity on steroids. And there is more. As we reminisce, we would be remiss to skip even a “near miss”. In future papers, we will relate how one author narrowly avoided a massive flood at the Big Thompson Canyon, Colorado on his 23rd. 150 others were not as lucky and failed to elude the deluge in the form of a 14 foot wall of water. Further, in Hudson, Ohio, fellow traveler and co-wanderer Mitch Tattoom (really? Yes!) raised his massive 9 foot protest sign (flailing about) at a Harry Potter festival days prior to a flash flood there which finished two at one author’s grandmother’s former condo. Mitch later wrote to the newspapers that his protest sign warned of the pending wrath of a deity. One co-author suggested to Mitch that he hold the fort, but he was already off to the courthouse. Hint: Don’t let the “effect” of the butterfly flutter By(e) You. Details to follow soon. Stay tuned. Copyright 10/9/2017 Michael Wolfson and Eva Gustley email:
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