Humans Crossing Paths

Ever since I was a child my dad would throw a fit about backing out of the driveway and there ALWAYS being a car coming down the road at that exact instant every single time. There would be no cars coming down our street before he left or after he left, just at the same exact time when he was pulling out of the driveway. Now, I'm sure many people experience and complain about the same thing and I didn't think about it too much until I started to see the same uncanny type of events start to happen in my own life. I see this when I am out driving and live in a small town and it never fails for me as well; for example, every time I'm going to make a left turn there is always another car that is coming down the road at exactly the same time I would be turning to where I would collide with them every place I go as well as pulling up to my house; there is always somebody pulling up on my street at exactly the same time. Nobody 5 minutes after I pull up, just exactly the same time I pull up. I also notice this at my job where I work on the phone and can see the phone calls come in. There are 5 minutes stretches of absolutely nobody and then boom, 5-10 calls come in at exactly the same time. Like everybody has this ESP in their brain to do things at exactly the same time. I know these seem like such small occurrences and most people don't think about it the way I do, but I do believe that humans have some sort of interconnection within them that draw us to each other. I would love to research this topic but I have no clue where I would start and how many people would assume I'm just crazy and thinking too far into it- not that that matters. But I know there is something phenomenal out there and we all participate in the bigger picture...
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