How I found this website and other coincidences

As of the 23rd May 2022 this website is archived and will receive no further updates.

was produced by the Winton programme for the public understanding of risk based in the Statistical Laboratory in the University of Cambridge. The aim was to help improve the way that uncertainty and risk are discussed in society, and show how probability and statistics can be both useful and entertaining.

Many of the animations were produced using Flash and will no longer work.

I was in a boat, then I saw a camera on the beach. I then looked at the pictures and the last one was a picture of a bridge. Then, we found another camera, and my friend said to me: “My initials are O.I.N.”. So, my friend looked at me and took a picture, but the film went into the sea. Then, we found two dens (caves), and then a sign said that it was a site. Then, I found a box that was the first to be delivered, and then two people looked at us and said “We are looking at this cave first”. Then 5 boxes appeared, and then my friend got the first box. It meant: Cam bridge C O.I.N. sea dens site W E B before (site), which means Cambridge Coincidence Website. When I got home, I went to Google and typed that, and found this website. Then, a box arrived at the door, and it said 548. Today I searched page 548 and found a Pokémon coincidence. Another box arrived at the door, and it said 1917. That was the year my wife’s grandpa was born. Then, box 548 fell down, and it said 1217! On December 17, 1917, my wife’s grandpa was born. Then Anna touched the box and flipped it and it said “Anna”, her name! It was delivered to the wrong place! Then box 1917 fell down and it said it was from Cambridge! And then I flipped box 548 and opened it, and there was a picture of me! That was my friend’s box. Box 1917 had the same picture! That was for another friend. Then, I went to the sea again. I found the film at the sea, then it was film 31,415 and the first film! It was Spi. But then I got home and got pie, so it was Spie. Then I found some gel, which I was holding. It was from Germany! Spiegelhalter! Holder in German was “Halter”. Then there was five boxes again! That was before. Before Spiegelhalter was when my friend David came. David Spiegelhalter, who collected these coincidences! One time, when I lost my phone, I walked to a phone booth and somebody called. I hadn’t dialed yet, and it was the one I wanted to call! It was my friend David. My wife’s grandpa was also called David! So, my friend David once met my wife’s grandpa David. And then I realized that there was a Grandpa Dave in the Arthur series that Anna was watching! And when I realized that, the Arthur episode that was on our TV was The Cherry Tree, which was 1206a. There are so many coincidences that can happen to you. From Misc544 or Misc Practice, written on Sunday, December 19, 2021. I wonder why the universe gives us puzzles that leads to many coincidences.
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