Hot water left on

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I live in Vermont and own a seasonal business that is heated in the winter. It has an LP gas heater mounted to the ceiling and I check on it a few times a week but daily when the temperature drops to 0 or below. A few days ago as I walked in my business, the heater came on for 3 seconds and abruptly stopped.I thought this was odd so I walked to the thermostat and turned the temperature higher so the heater would start itself…..nothing. First time in 20 years this happened. That worried me so I went outside the building to check the tanks to see if they forgot to give me gas. The 2 tanks had 70lbs of gas in them. I suddenly heard water running on the other side of a wooden fence the tanks sit near. I had to go around to the other side to the gate to see what the noise was. Someone had turned on the outside hot water faucet and didn’t turn it off . I would have never gone out there if the heat didn’t come on when I was standing inside. The heater has been fine since then??? Coincidence? Or did someone up above lead me back to show me the hot water was left on?
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