Home town coincidence in remote village in Greece

Whilst working for the UN in Kosovo, I drove with my then wife to the Pelion peninsular in Greece for a long weekend break. It was early November and raining heavily when we crossed the border into Greece. We drove up into the mountains to explore and at lunchtime found a remote taverna in a little mountain village that seemed all but deserted. In the taverna, a log fire was blazing and two other couples were enjoying a meal by the fire. I could just hear them speaking English. I thought they were English but my wife thought they were American. After the meal, I went up to them and explained the discussion I had with my wife. 'We're English. Hello, my name is John. We live in Argalasti, not far from here. Where do you come from in the UK?' 'I come from Chichester,' I replied. 'Hello, ' said the other man. 'I'm also a John. I'm the new bishop of Chichester.'
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