highschool crush

1979 Edmonton. Crush fierce on Lori. She invited me to a house party so of course I am going. I rang the front door bell and introduced myself to Lori's parents and younger sister who was keen to know what was going on. Then went downstairs to the party. At the party Lori made it clear to all that she and Darren were going out. Damn! I moved to Calgary the next year. 6 years later I move to the west coast for Uni. I am there for 4 years and am working a summer job at a shitty mall restaurant before my final year. A family comes in, I knew I knew them but couldn't figure out where I knew them from. After they paid they were getting up to leave and I had to know how I knew them. "I'm sorry, but I'm sure I know you people...." Younger daughter yells "See? I told you that was him!" brief catch up, Lori was moving into town to go to Uni. "Well maybe we'll see each other around campus." When I got home there was a message from my fiancé saying she was over at her best friend's place getting the flat ready for the new roommate to move in, come on over and help. My fiance's besties' new roomy? Yup Lori.
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