Had a stroke, horoscope next day was about it

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My aunt had a minor stroke a couple of weeks ago. This stroke itself did not result in any real issues, however it means another more major stroke in he near future is more likely. She is not prone to believing in the supernatural and does not ever read her horoscope. However, she decided to, given the recent life changing news. Her horoscope in the Chicago Sun Times read: “Be careful in discussions about shared property, inheritance, and money issues because you might be tempted to give away the farm. This is because you’re thinking in large strokes and you feel very generous. All of this is very well, but stay reasonable” Shortly after her stroke she told me I was the executor of her will. So there’s a coincidence. But the “thinking in large strokes” line is a very strange coincidence. I’ve never even heard the phrase “large strokes” I more commonly hear “broad strokes”. Weird!
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