Greek chance

In the summer of 1980 my brother and his girlfriend flew to the Greek Islands for a 2 week holiday. Several days after they left for Greece, I rang a travel agent looking for a last minute holiday to anywhere on the Continent .He rang back to say he had a last minute offer of a flight only to Corfu and I took I took the offer. Several days after arriving in Corfu, I flew to Athens and several days later took a ferry to the the island of Ios in the Aegean. On my first night there while walking down a street I happened to glance into a bar at the same time as my brothers girlfriend_ who had her back to the street_ turned around and I went in and met up with them !. Had she not turned around at that exact moment I would have walked on. We had"nt arranged to meet up and they were planning to travel to another island the next day.
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