Glastonbury savings!

In 1982 I travelled to the Glastonbury Festival, arriving very late on Thursday night after a car breakdown. With friends I wandered around the pyramid stage area, helped a very ill young man to the medical centre, and was on my way back to our campsite when I saw something on the ground. I picked it up and found a roll of banknotes tied with an elastic band. I pocketed it, intending to hand it in the next morning. In the morning I located another group of friends from my former home town, including my best friend from school. He looked very unhappy, and on asking him why he said that he had lost the money that he had saved up (£100 - a large sum in those days!) on the previous evening. I asked him how much and what it looked like. He described the roll of bank notes tied with an elastic band, which I then produced from my pocket and handed over to him. Yes, it's unlikely, but not beyond possibility!
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