I was in a car with new friends heading south on Lake Ave in Pasadena. I had never been to this area of Pasadena before. The conversation led to me telling a story of travelling in London many years earlier. I was telling of how I'd gotten sick from eating at a restaurant called Garfield's. At the exact moment I said "Garfield's", my eyes landed on a sign we were passing "Garfield's Tax Service". This type of coincidence has happened to me so many times over the years that I rarely remember them. What I mean by "this type" is hearing and seeing a word at the same time. Sometimes what I hear is spoken by me, as in the above example, but usually by someone else or the radio. This does not happen with common use words as would simply be noticed by an observant person, but typically proper nouns or names as I described above. I realize you can't quantify the truth of my subjectivity regarding that, but the fact that it's never regular words is what makes it notable. This does tend to happen when I'm driving so it could be argued that moving through the physical world while listening to media creates a cornucopia of opportunities for coincidences to occur. This has happened to me so many times over the years in such a variety of circumstances that, for me, the collective experience rules out coincidence as a possibility. Synchronicity is in play
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