A French Connection ?

Back in 2013, my wife and I took an adventure cruise from Ushuaia Argentina, the most southern city in the world. We spent 5 days travelling round Cape Horn and up through the Chilean ice fields and Glacier Ally in Patagonia. Our 120 fellow passengers were from around the world, and our dining table included couples from Holland, Russia, France, Germany and ourselves from the UK. We ate all our meals and celebrated New Year together before bidding farewell on the quayside in Punta Arenas. 18 months later, my wife and I were on a self drive touring holiday in Oman, and decided to visit the weekly livestock auction (camels, goats etc) in the local town of Nizwa. After the auction we entered the local souk to take some photos of the traditional market traders. Walking round, my wife suddenly said ‘Do you think that girl in front looks familiar?’ I followed for a few yards when the girl in question turned round, looked at me and then turned back and continued. It was then that she stopped abruptly and turned around again. To both our surprise, it was the same French girl from the cruise! A second later, her partner appeared from around the corner. We all joked that we should go and buy lottery tickets !! What were the chances? 6+ billion people in the world, different ‘off the beaten track’ international locations, and the fact that we were not even from the same country.
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