Freaky name guessing

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I was staying outside Hereford on my brother's stag do a year ago and got chatting to some women as you do. The subject came round to middle names, as mine is quite strange and I was tasked with guessing hers. Straight away I said 'Michael', which you would not associate with an English female middle name. Anyway, she then pulled out her driving licence with her middle name stated as 'Michael' On Christmas Eve I went out for a few drinks with some friends in my local Wetherspoon's in Newton Abbot in the afternoon. We had a group of 6 of us and the booth only fitted 4. An elderly couple needed to get past us to gain access to the booth in the corner. I said to my friends 'what do you reckon their names are? She looks like a Pam and he looks like a Philip. Actually, more like a Brian (and apologised to my friend in the group called Phil)' I then waved to the gentleman in the corner and said 'alright Brian?' He then came over and apologised and said 'I am terribly sorry, but I don't know your name.' I asked if his name was Brian and he said it was. I then explained I randomly guessed his name, we had a laugh and wished them a happy christmas. 20 minutes later a man in his 50's walked between our group and accidentally knocked into me. I said 'Sorry Michael' to him. He turned round and said 'Do I know you?' I then asked if his name was Michael and it was! So I had guessed two random strangers first names in 20 minutes in the pub. My friends then advised that I buy a lottery ticket as my luck was in, so I went and bought 3 lucky dips. Guess how much I won? Absolutely nothing!
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