foreshadowing of near-death experience

in 2016 I started to see my birthday, 12/08 everywhere. I'd see it in the time, in other ways too. I remember one time I walked into target with my boyfriend and the time on all the clocks they were selling read 12:08. I always just kind of brushed it off or made jokes about it, but something about it made me feel uneasy. In July of 2016 my bf and I were on our way to a festival in PA. On our way to cracker barrell I saw 12:08 on the clock and made a joke "this is getting out of hand, it probably means I'm gonna die soon." we got out of cracker barrell and maybe 30 min into our drive on the highway my tire blew out and I flipped my car into a ditch. My car was completely totaled but miraculously we lived and made it out with barely any injuries.
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