Florida holiday coincidence

We took a family holiday in Orlando in the summer of 2006 and while trudging around Sea World theme park we were startled by our Son's primary school teacher who'd spotted our son in the crowd because of his Leeds United football shirt. We'd no idea she was due to be on holiday in Florida, and we all laughed at the coincidence of meeting up, and what were the odds, etc. We returned to Orlando two years later, in 2008, and amazingly, this time while we were spending the day in the Epcot theme park, the very same teacher came running out of an open area cafe, again having seen Tom with his Leeds shirt on (a different one, I should add!). We were absolutely blown away. Clearly we were two groups of people who shared a common holiday interest, but the chances of our two paths meeting up in such circumstances, twice, neither knowing the other was even on holiday, must be incredibly small.
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