Flight neighbour

It was about 1995; I was about 55 at the time. I was on a family-related trip to Aus (NSW), decided to go up to Queensland (Airlie Beach) for some SCUBA on the Barrier Reef. Signed on to a 3-day boat trip, with about 10 others, all of them total strangers in their 20s or so, origins from all over the world. Amongst them was Roger from (I think) Amsterdam who turned out to be a real Pain in the A**. About 2 weeks later, time to return to UK, flight from Sydney to Bangkok for a 2-day lay-over, back to Bangkok airport for the BA Jumbo flight to London, boarded, sat down, next seat-but-one to my left is Roger! (To be fair, I had spotted [and avoided!] him earlier, waiting in the airport lounge, so the coincidence maybe isn't that huge?)
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