flat hunt - same flat

About 17 years ago, I lived in a great 3-bedroom apartment with my erstwhile partner and small child. When we split up I was really upset (amongst other things!) at having to leave behind the flat where we lived. I even considered buying out my partner and taking in a lodger so I wouldn't have to move. It was just perfect in terms of layout, location, light, quiet, privacy... I ended up having to move into a much smaller two-bedroom. Finally, seven years ago, I was in a position to look for a three-bedroom apartment for myself and my son. I had narrowed my search down to an area measuring about one square kilometer in the south zone of Rio de Janeiro (where I had continued to live since my separation) - an area chockablock with apartment buildings. I ended up seeing 12 flats that fitted my criteria, but all were wrong in one way or another - facing a busy road, bad layout, kitchen too small, etc. Then I was shown my 13th flat and, to my utter disbelief, it was in the very same building I had lived in with my partner. But not only that: it was in the same column - i.e., three floors above the very flat I had so loved - so even better than the original, with more light. (N.B. The building only has four floors!) Of course, I immediately put in an offer and a year later (after completely gutting and renovating it) I moved in. Happy coincidence?
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Date submitted:Mon, 16 Apr 2018 01:27:24 +0000Coincidence ID:9981