Finding a link w someone

I grew up on Long Island and a high school friend had a long distance romance with a guy she met from Media PA when we were in hs.I then went to College in PA and my roommate who was from Media PA also dated him. I remembered the name and confirmed it w my hs friend in another college. My mom’s friend was housesitting for a family in NY and the daughter was supposed to get married on a cruise but the fiancé canceled it before and they decided to still go on the cruise. My commuting buddy all in NY who worked in my building and I start talking and he actually worked with a girl that was supposed to get married. I knew her name and where she was from it was the same girl. I was at a networking event in NYC with a guy from Perth Australia who married a woman from Scranton Pennsylvania and her family and my college friends family from Scranton or actually best friends. A second cousin is a veterinarian and I was at a cocktail party with people who are vets from Australia in NY they who knew my cousin because they wanted to work with him in Florida. He is renowned animal cancer specialist. The veterinarian ahas brother-in-law is a OB/GYN who delivered a contact of mine’s baby when she was living in Sarasota. I met her in NY. I met another person who did medical research with another member of this same family in SF. I struck up a conversation with her in a store and we get to talking about what she does and she knew my second cousin. The vet’s brother. That is 3 separate random connections to my second cousins which live all over the US and there are 5 kids in this family.
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